Law Offices of Pierce Rivera, P.A.
Miami, Florida

The professional staff at the Law Offices of Pierce Rivera plays a key part in each of the practice areas at our law firm. Our staff is experienced and well trained. Most have University degrees. They bring to the firm a broad range of experiences that translates into a sensitivity to client needs. They have the training and the talent to actively assist our attorneys with the complexities of litigation procedures, court trials and the nuances of immigration and visa regulations.

Staff members are cross-trained in several practice areas. Training and education is ongoing. Periodically all of our staff members attend a formal training session where they receive updates on new developments in legal procedures and where they re-review current practices.

Our law firm’s professional staff have prior experience in the field of immigration law, family immigration , removal and deportation cases and also in business immigration matters.


Our Team

Sandra Suazo

Certified Paralegal

Certified Paralegal with Bachelor degrees in Public Relations and Advertising, working exclusively in deportation and removal matters as well as family law with the Law Offices of Pierce Rivera since 2001.


Alexandra Rivera

Real Estate

Certified real estate title closer and exclusively handling all closings and title related matters for residential and commercial transactions since 2003.


Erika Almendarez


Paralegal since 2003 and working exclusively in all family related immigration matters. Drafting all immigration forms for residency, citizenship, students, tourists, TPS, DACA, and more.


Samantha Rodriguez


Professional reception and scheduling staff.