Miami, Florida


 The new way of doing real estate transactions can be complex and confusing in the State of Florida for all  buyers, sellers, realtors and mortgage brokers.  We can provide you with a full variety of services from title search, legal representation in both residential and commercial transactions, legal advise or just about anything else where real estate is involved.  

In every Real Estate transaction you must follow these steps:

 Find your property

  • Hire legal representation (only licensed attorneys can provide legal advice)
  • Sign a contract (review it and make sure you are aware of all its contents)
  • Open an escrow account (preferably with the closing agency)
  • Select a tile company.                 
  • If you have a relative detained please call our office at 305-446-5995 or email us at 


There are no hidden costs and no surprises at closing date. An estimated closing statement is provided within 72 hours that you sign your contract  to all involved parties upon request and automatically updated 48 hours before closing takes place.  We also provide you with the flexibility to conduct closings by mail therefore not making you lose more producible time from work. Our goal is customer service while maintaining diligence in your case.

If you have a relative detained please call our office at 305-446-5995 or email us at 


For BUYERS is important to receive free and clear property of any encumbrances or defects that may affect title.  For SELLERS it is important that any outstanding mortgages are paid off and that you no longer are free of any responsibility with this property.

If you have a relative detained please call our office at 305-446-5995 or email us at 



 What to ask before a closing

  • What are my title service costs?
  • Am I paying inflated insurance premiums?
  • If an attorney is involved, what are the attorneys’ fees and who pays them?
  • Am I getting a property clear and free of any encumbrances, or restrictions, and no encroachments?
  • Is my outstanding mortgage being satisfied and is there any money that will be refunded to me?
  • Who is my legal representative at closing, if I have any? 


Our Team

Pierce Rivera


Founder of The Law Offices of Pierce Rivera in 1997. Graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 1997 with a Bachelors in Economics from FIU. Member of AILA since 1997(American Immigration Lawyers Association)


Sandra Suazo

Certified Paralegal

Certified Paralegal with Bachelor degrees in Public Relations and Advertising, working exclusively in deportation and removal matters as well as family law with the Law Offices of Pierce Rivera since 2001.


Alexandra Rivera

Real Estate

Certified real estate title closer and exclusively handling all closings and title related matters for residential and commercial transactions since 2003.


Erika Almendarez


Paralegal since 2003 and working exclusively in all family related immigration matters. Drafting all immigration forms for residency, citizenship, students, tourists, TPS, DACA, and more.


Samantha Rodriguez


Professional reception and scheduling staff.